Shadows Of The Green Episode 17

"Goriola! You better look into my face like right now and explain where all this is coming from" Tiwa was paving up and down the room, Gori had gotten himself a brand new golf4, a BB Tour and a new laptop. Tiwa knew his parents were not rich enought to get him those things and she had been pestering him to tell her where they were coming from.
"Chubby princess." He tried to touch her but Tiwa stepped back.
"Don't call me that... Gori, lots of rumors are flying around the campus that you are 'yahooyahoo', I was walking down the faculty when a girl pointed to me telling her friend I'm your girl and that you are into 'yahooyahoo' because of me!"" Gori, what is your relationship with Dan and Solo?"she asked with arms akimbo.
"Tiwa." Gori moved closer and held her. "Tiwatope,my princess, do you know how much you mean to me? See, I'm not doing Yahoo. Tiwatope, I love you and I need you to believe me. The car and other things are given to me by the VC. You know we share the same name." He lied, tiwatope bought the story, she was blinded by true love.
"Dan, something came into my heart just now." Gori said distracting Dan from the game they were both playing.
"I'm gaining some popularity amoung the students and administrative " .
"Oh yes." Dan replied.
"Omo, abeg, just call me Geeboy, I'm ready to paint this town"
" Geeboy, you meanno b OmoG again."m vc vc

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